Water. Smarter.

The smart water device for Australia's future.

No wear or metrology degradation. A maintenance-free, electromagnetic flow meter with no volumetric consumption limit or loss of measurement accuracy.

A drop-in replacement for your current meter. A direct replacement for any existing AS3565 inline DN20 water meter without any further installation or upgrade.

Digital to the core. Secure, synchronised, digitally-encoded meter readings. Data integrity from the sensor through to your communications platform.

smarter water meters

Measure better, manage better

Aquiba's A210 digital water meter plugs into your existing water network and immediately offers value.

Managing our water future

Australian made for our conditions

Aquiba builds intelligent devices that enable the security and ongoing enjoyment of our most precious resource

Our resource

Fresh water is finite

How we manage our water resources matters to our future. Good management can't afford to wait. It doesn't need to be hard. Just smart.

Our knowhow

Designed and built for our conditions

We design, develop and test our smart water meters in Australia. They are built for local requirements and local conditions.

Our lifestyle

Powered by the water grid

Water is fundamental for life, and our lifestyle. Enabled by smart solutions, we can preserve our way of life for future generations.

Our meter. Your network.

A smart, robust device that plugs into your network communication system.

Aquiba’s A210 DN20 digital water meter offers best-in-class metrology, tried and tested in Australian conditions with no wear or jamming. It is a flexible, communications agnostic device, designed to be adaptable for your evolving water network needs.

Accuracy. Not only does the A210 maintain measurement accuracy for the service lifetime of the meter, it has a wide dynamic range: accurate at very high and very low flow-rates. The device isn't affected by water quality, flow-rate, temperature or total volumetric consumption because it has no moving parts.

Digital integrity. Because the A210 doesn't use an electro-mechanical interface, there are no mechanical reliability issues which are often only diagnosed by intermittent human inspection. Instead our sensor is electronically connected and digitally encoded. Your data will always be secure and reliable enabling immediate issue detection.

Configurable. Collaborating with customers to understand their requirements, the A210 can be preconfigured for interval data period, data upload frequency, and alarm and event criteria direct from our factory. The device can also be configured over the air (COTA) via a secure portal with role-based user authentication.

Network partners

Enabling solutions through partnership

Aquiba are not another meter reseller. We are the device designer and maker. This makes us uniquely positioned, capable and motivated to assure maximum interoperability of our product now and into the future.

Many of our projects have been in remote locations under harsh climatic conditions and the Aquiba meters have continued to operate well. We will continue to work together with Aquiba as a valued industry partner on innovative research using state-of-the-art digital technology.
— Dr Cara Beal, Griffith University
The team

Australian knowhow

Michael Stevens

Managing Director

Mick has led Aquiba since its inception in Australia in 2010. He is passionate about the productivity and sustainability benefits of Aquiba’s digital metering platform. Mick has extensive experience leading teams and businesses in the development and commercialisation of advanced sensor and communications based industrial products. He is a Senior Executive Officer in the Takahata Precision Group.

Nathan Smith

Business Development Executive

Nathan has over 20 years of industry experience in product development and professional integration services. His capabilities have been developed in a range of Engineering, Management, Leadership and Business Development roles, in multidisciplinary teams in Australia, Japan, the UK and the United States. For the past 15 years he has worked extensively in the water industry in Australia and the USA.

Aquiba is a Takahata Precision company

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