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Developing great meters compatible with your network.

Aquiba has an active radio integration program to deliver digital water meters with world beating metrology and excellent product durability which are compatible with your network.

A better digital water meter. Compatible with your network.
  • A better meter

    In one innovative product, Aquiba's A210 provides accurate metrology across all flow rates and has no moving parts to wear. 
    The A210 enables water companies to build innovative systems and business applications. Supporting water companies as they adapt to future requirements.

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  • Measure to manage

    With changing industry structure and the effects of climate change, water companies need to invest in flexible infrastructure that can be managed for optimum efficiency. A key component of good management is good measurement, and Aquiba offers the best.

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  • Latest news

    The Aquiba team is looking forward to attending the WSAA Towards the Digital Water Utility conference in Melbourne, 8th-9th September. Aquiba is delighted to again have the oppournity to be a major sponsor of the event.

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