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Aquiba’s A210 DN20 digital water meter offers world beating metrology and excellent product durability, with no wear or jamming. It is a flexible and futureproof platform for digital metering and intelligent water networks.

The A210 consists of a highly accurate mag-flow sensor, powerful processor and data logging. Remnant magnetic field generation ensures accurate metrological performance and extended battery lifetime.

Aquiba’s A210 smart water meter provides benefits for all water companies and for their customers:

  • Information on usage for both customer and supplier
  • Accurate metering across the full range of flow rates
  • No moving parts – no wear – no loss of measurement throughout the meter lifetime
  • Accurate calculation of loss (leakage and unauthorised use) in the network
  • Time stamped data
  • Detection of abnormal usage patterns, such as exceeding a total flow in a given time
  • Detection of continuous low flow in the household
  • Remote reading, by radio (A210-Z), reducing field service and call centre costs
  • Longevity - depending on radio usage, battery life will approach 15 years.
  • Sensitive detection of reverse flow.

The A210 meter is available with a range of options and accessories.

The A210-Z has a fully integrated ZigBee® radio SEP 1.0.

Overview of the Aquiba A210 meter

Overview of the Aquiba A200 meter

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